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Make sure to check out the latest track we released this month, which is our ode to a legendary place of little people in southeastern Wisconsin, “Haunchyville”. Click here to download “Haunchyville” free!

UPDATED – Hear Charlie Charlie on the BBC – #charliecharliechallenge

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UPDATED: You can hear Mike and Wendy Lynn’s appearance to talk about Charlie Charlie on BBC Radio 5 Live, the segment starts at 1:53 or so – and they even play some of our ‪#‎charliecharliechallenge‬ song! Mike’s favorite line: “Load of cobblers” – where did that idiom come from?! Take a listen! In the latest See You On […]

Sunspot – El Chupacabra Lyrics Video

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Download at https://sunspot.bandcamp.com/track/el-chupacabra-2 A stalker in the night, Compact and mean, A creature plucked right from, an animal’s worst dream. He’ll bleed you slow, his eyes glow red, The little monsters, will get us in the end. Run for your lives, a terror is unleashed A real life X-File is coming for your beasts. Might […]

Ben’s in the paper for using music education to get kids rocking again

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Make sure to check out this article from the Wisconsin State Journal, that talks about what our guitarist, Ben Jaeger, is doing to give some music education to the next generation on the wonderfulness that is rock n’ roll. Not that there’s anything wrong with Dubstep, EDM, and the Bluegrass that the young’uns are listening to nowadays, but […]

The Long Hammer – Instrumental With Subliminal Messages

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Have you ever felt sad or lonely and wanted to listen to a sad song because of it? Just to get that feeling that you weren’t alone in feeling that way? Or when you’re about to go for a workout, you specifically pick the playlist based on the songs that get you amped up and […]

The Sun King – The New EP from Sunspot

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So Sunspot released our latest EP, The Sun King, to the world and we’re extremely proud of it. Anyway, I’ve had some questions as to what the songs are about and I thought I might as well write a little bit about what each track means for any inquiring minds.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxjHGk3J4AQ “The Sun King” is all about you. […]

LSD and Pop Culture – Psychonaut

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LSD. Acid. California Sunshine. Lysergic acid diethylamide. It is the drug in the “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll”. It can change your perceptions, show you visions, shed your ego to become one with the universe, and completely alter your sense of time. For millennia, psychedelics have been the sacred inspiration for shaman, wizards, and […]

The Short Life and Tragic Death of Peaches Geldof – Who Cries For The Rich Girl?

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Religion. It’s been one of the most powerful inspirations for art and music since the beginning of time. The bushman of the Kalahari Desert have music for their “trance dances” where they communicate with the spirit world that dates from a time “before they had words”. There’s cave paintings in France of a Shaman dating […]

The 27 Club – Members Only

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The entertainment industry is an ugly place and it feeds on artists and creativity. Whether it’s the drugs that keep a musician high long after he’s left the stage, or the unstable emotions that enable them to create deeply moving art, or just the pressures of an entire industry of agents, bookers, managers, and bass […]

Sunspot on TV This Saturday November 15th, Bordello of Horror!

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Hey Madison! Set your DVRs to CW 57 – Madison this Saturday at Midnight to catch Mike and Ben performing a special acoustic track on Bordello of Horror to promote next week’s release party at The Frequency! Post by Rich Peterson.

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