My First Paranormal Experience

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I consider this the most unexplainable experience of my life and it’s a story that I’ve told my friends countless times. Back in the summer of 1993, I was a hot-to-trot sixteen years old, just a month into getting my driver’s license (failed the first time, damn!), and hanging out at my friends’ house doing what […]

Go Pack?


Alright, no one would probably ever dare accuse us of being athletes. Sure, we might be able to pull some sweet moves out of our ass on occasion, but since we’ve got songs about D&D (“Power Word, Kill“) and Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy (“When The Revolution Comes“) you can have a decent expectation that the probability […]

The Story of “Scott Bakula”


Hey guys, this is Mike from Sunspot. I’m the singer and bassist. I’m assuming if you’ve been listening to our silly band, you know that we like some ridiculous things. One of those things is science fiction television. Back in grade school, our guitarist Ben was a monster fan of the show, Quantum Leap. I didn’t […]