Go Pack?

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Photo by Matt Apps. Looking stupid is our business and business is good.

Alright, no one would probably ever dare accuse us of being athletes. Sure, we might be able to pull some sweet moves out of our ass on occasion, but since we’ve got songs about D&D (“Power Word, Kill“) and Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy (“When The Revolution Comes“) you can have a decent expectation that the probability of any of our tunes ever making it on to a Jock Rock Jamz compilation is pretty damn close to zero.

And so we thought as well. Until we saw a listing on the Internet that someone was looking for a Packers song. Well, if there’s one reliable thing about people in Wisconsin, it’s that almost everyone loves the Green Bay Packers. Maybe it’s because they’re owned by the city of Green Bay and have fan shareholders. Maybe it’s because it’s the smallest city to have a team in the entire NFL and everyone loves an underdog. Or maybe it’s because the cold drives us all insane with a burning desire to watch millionaires beat each other up in the dead of Winter.

So we see the listing and write a track for it called “Go, Pack!” It’s not just a rah-rah track, we tried to have a nod to the ridiculousness of the whole thing, making fun a little bit of the mania that comes with Wisconsin fans, but also knowing that it’s deeply embedded into our culture. A culture where Mike’s childhood priest would end Mass early so that everyone could get home in time for kickoff. A culture where people just get you Packers swag as gifts without even questioning if you like football. It’s expected. People, lots of people, build Packers dens that are shrines to the team. You can’t drive through a single small town in the state without seeing a giant “G” painted on at least one garage door and usually you’ll see several.

We have a good time recording it ourselves in Mike’s basement, send it in, and forget about it.

Until several months later, we discover that the song was picked up for a compilation CD and is now going to be sold at stores throughout the state. Wow, pretty cool, we think. We even go up to Green Bay and shoot a little video for it. We have a good time with it and enjoy the fact that some new people are getting to hear our band.

Fast forward to 2011 and the Packers are in the Super Bowl. We’re sharing in the excitement just like everyone else when we get word that FOX wants the rights to use our song as part of their Super Bowl coverage. Um, what?!?

We let people know about that fact and all of a sudden Wisconsin radio stations are playing the song, we’re getting covered in the media, the Madison FOX affiliate is using the track every night in their countdown to the Super Bowl. We even get some football-related gigs out of it where we’re asked to play the song during each of our sets. Did these guys forget that we wrote a track about the “Uncanny Valley“? But it was fricking awesome to connect with people that we might not think to.

So, we get to see what it’s like to be jock-friendly, even if only for a little while. And only because music is the greatest form of communication and the Packers are evidently the great equalizer.


  • kevin luminella says:

    I think your music is great! I even use one of your songs for my alarm! I would love to hear more, please send me a link to hear more or I would love to hear it on vinyl! Also I live in a small town in Virginia and we have an Appalachian trail days festival every year in May, maybe you guys could come ham for us, I work at a small restaurant and the owner is a singer-songwriter so we even have a stage,all you have to do is plug in or go acoustic! Give me a shout if your interested!
    Thank you
    Kevin luminella
    Give me a call 276-525-2404
    You guys ROCK!

    • sunspot says:

      Thanks for the nice message, Kevin, we apologize we missed this post previously. We’d love to come down to Virginia sometime and when we’re planning our next tour, we’ll definitely give you a call!

  • Brian Morse says:

    My absolute favorite moment is Ben at 1:45… and the gomer who spills his drink at 2:15 is funny too. Genius choreography!

  • That was awesome. My wife and her family are from Green Bay country, she loved it!

  • Cory says:

    Great tunes! Love the anthem like song,and also the Scott Bakula one as well.

  • Tom Lamboley says:

    As always you guys ROCK!! Great video and just last September I got to see a game in Green Bay!! With my upcoming move to North Carolina I hope to get to Charlotte and see a game. I will also be looking for some venues for you to play when you head out again. Hope to see you one more time before the big move!

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