Major Arcana (Rock Opera) – Sunspot Live – 2. The Breach

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Major Arcana on DVD:

A combination of theater, audience participation, multimedia stage show, and rock concert party, Sunspot’s “Major Arcana” is a rock opera that links live performances of their songs with the story of Joe, a recent college graduate who lives most of his life online. The audience sees Joe through the eyes of the people he meets in the digital world, especially an Internet Psychic whose Tarot readings form the heart of the story.

This song is “The Breach”. A breach is a gap in a wall, barrier, or defense, and this song is about straddling that gap for as long as you can, but inevitably falling in; stinging disappointment and the way that idealism and hope can be inverted and crushed. Trust is abused and eventually broken. The descent begins. Our main character, Joe, is starting to doubt his decision to leave.

The card that represents him here is “The Emporer”, which symbolizes the desire to rule over one’s surroundings, and its appearance in a reading often suggests that the subject needs to accept that some things may not be controllable, and others may not benefit from being controlled.

Sunspot’s “Major Arcana” tour was about creating a completely new type of experience that’s personal like a rock concert has the emotional weight of a musical, that’s dynamic visually like a film, and has the depth of great literature. The band premiered the show at SXSW and took it on a tour of America’s East Coast, Midwest and South. Recorded at The Annex in Madison on the last night of their tour and is a complete live production specially recorded, along with tour videos, deleted scenes, bonus songs, a commentary track, and other special features. This DVD is the culmination of the tour and stage show:

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I can still taste you on the tip of my tongue,
I’m trying to hold your breath inside my lungs,
Draw me away.
Draw me amazed.

We stand outside ourselves,
and didn’t move.
When we screamed fire inside a crowded room.

Mediocrity surrounds me,
To the point of tragedy.
We can walk along the breach.

My obsession was overpowering,
You were consumed by a devouring,
Convinced by my overwhelming pride,
Consequences were the last thing on my mind.

Draw me afraid,
You draw me flayed.

We stood outside ourselves,
then you moved.
And I stood by myself in the crowded room.

Mediocrity escapes me,
when I hear your voice.
Barely avoiding tragedy,
We made that choice.
I closed my eyes so hard,
I didn’t know the water from the sea,
As we walked along the breach.

The crack was deeper than it seemed,
I could not cross the yawning,
that opened in my chest,
The frailty that tore the breach.

Mediocrity escaped me,
When I heard your voice,
To the point of tragedy,
When you made your choice.
I closed my eyes so hard,
to shut out the uncertainty.
With the husk of a dream,
That’s left along the breach.
With the husk of a dream,
As I stand astride the breach.

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