My First Paranormal Experience

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I consider this the most unexplainable experience of my life and it’s a story that I’ve told my friends countless times. Back in the summer of 1993, I was a hot-to-trot sixteen years old, just a month into getting my driver’s license (failed the first time, damn!), and hanging out at my friends’ house doing what […]

Tickets Now Available for new EP DANGEROUS TIMES Release Party!

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It’s time for some more new music, and we’re excited to present the next Sunspot EP, entitled “Dangerous Times”! We’ll be celebrating the new EP on July 3, 2014, with a party at the Dragonfly Lounge in Madison, Wisconsin. This is a very limited capacity venue so we’ll only have 70 tickets available. To make […]

Thanks, City of Madison Snow Plows!

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As a native Wisconsin band, we’re used to the unpleasant chore of clearing snow that typically accompanies Winter. After the 8+ inches of snow that fell last weekend, the van was once again covered and had some “bonus” snow pushed up against it that had been cleared off the roads. I took my extendable trunk shovel […]

Original & reinvented songs for your Christmas playlist!

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At this time of year, whether we like it or not, it’s almost impossible to avoid the annual return of Christmas music to the airwaves. Be it over the radio (radio? What’s that?), or in pretty much every public dwelling place from restaurants to stores to elevators to gas stations, holiday music is in the air. […]

Save the Warehouse!

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As many of you know, The Warehouse in La Crosse, a Wisconsin institution, is at risk right now. Please consider supporting their rescue campaign here: Thanks to the passion of owner Stephen Harm, The Warehouse has, for decades, offered something incredibly special and undeniably awesome: A place for people of all ages to experience […]

Go Pack?


Alright, no one would probably ever dare accuse us of being athletes. Sure, we might be able to pull some sweet moves out of our ass on occasion, but since we’ve got songs about D&D (“Power Word, Kill“) and Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy (“When The Revolution Comes“) you can have a decent expectation that the probability […]

The Story of “Scott Bakula”


Hey guys, this is Mike from Sunspot. I’m the singer and bassist. I’m assuming if you’ve been listening to our silly band, you know that we like some ridiculous things. One of those things is science fiction television. Back in grade school, our guitarist Ben was a monster fan of the show, Quantum Leap. I didn’t […]