UPDATED – Hear Charlie Charlie on the BBC – #charliecharliechallenge

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UPDATED: You can hear Mike and Wendy Lynn’s appearance to talk about Charlie Charlie on BBC Radio 5 Live, the segment starts at 1:53 or so – and they even play some of our ‪#‎charliecharliechallenge‬ song! Mike’s favorite line: “Load of cobblers” – where did that idiom come from?! Take a listen!

In the latest See You On The Other Side podcast, Mike and Wendy Lynn go over the latest paranormal party game, “Charlie Charlie”. News must have been slow over Memorial Day Weekend, because it’s been covered from Time Magazine to CNN. The conversation then ranges into some of the games that they played as teenagers and the pop culture that those particular games had an influence over (how Bloody Mary and games like Light as a Feather, Stiff As a Board influenced movies like BeetlejuiceCandyman, The X-Files, and a few more screen gems.) What does famed British diarist Samuel Pepys and the Bubonic Plague have to do with all of this? Looks like you’ll have to take a listen to the episode to find out more.Mike made a video of himself doing the ‪#‎charliecharliechallenge‬ and but had a hard enough time just finding a couple of actual pencils to do it with, nevermind the balancing part! So, unfortunately he missed out on the Mexican demon part of it (but did he open a portal into another dimension like some people on the Internet have claimed? Probably not, he was mostly just making Charlie Tuna jokes like an idiot), but that doesn’t matter that much, because we’ve got a brand new song for you!

Listen to the podcast episode, “Charlie Charlie, Can We Play? Supernatural Party Games from Bloody Mary to the Candyman”!

Listen to Charlie Charlie

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