Sunspot Does Eartha Kitt Santa Baby Cover Live and Acoustic

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Here’s Mike and Wendy Lynn with their version of Eartha Kitt’s sizzling holiday favorite, “Santa Baby”. Of course, Mike’s vocals sound completely inappropriate, but Wendy Lynn does her best to keep her game face on the whole time.

This was originally developed for MAXMas (the Madison Area Christmas Compilation) Vol. 2 and the original is a full electric disco-metal party. We picked this one because it’s a fun song and it’s nice when Wendy Lynn gets to take center stage on vocals, because it’s usually just Mike vulgarizing everything on the lead.¬†This one is way turned down, but it’s also a lot of fun. A lot of different artists have done a Santa Baby cover out there (it’s a singer-songwriter favorite on YouTube), but no one really operates the sweet shaker we do!

The Madonna Santa Baby cover has its moments, but you always feel like she’d probably just do the nasty with Santa right then and there if it would do anything for her career (and just exactly what is an “outer space convertible”? Like a space ship that you can take the roof off of? Does Madonna not realize that would suck everyone out into the vacuum of space and it would kill every human on board? Has she not seen¬†Gravity?) And the Taylor Swift Santa Baby cover just treats Jolly Old Saint Nick like he’s the next in line of the mean boys that take advantage of Taylor Swift that she uses for song fodder. We don’t like to put Santa in that category. C’mon, he’s immortal, and he’s jolly. And he never would hurt you, Taylor. We all know the best one is the original Eartha Kitt version because it’s sexy and cute and flirty and funny all at the same time.

Anyway, you’ll have to see it to make a determination on whether or not that we did it sexy and funny enough to do a Santa Baby Cover justice!

Recorded live at the Branch Street Retreat on December 11th, 2013.

Download the full rocking version of this track at

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