Ben’s in the paper for using music education to get kids rocking again

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Make sure to check out this article from the Wisconsin State Journal, that talks about what our guitarist, Ben Jaeger, is doing to give some music education to the next generation on the wonderfulness that is rock n’ roll. Not that there’s anything wrong with Dubstep, EDM, and the Bluegrass that the young’uns are listening to nowadays, but they also need to understand the power of the electric guitar. My parents let us rehearse in the basement as much as we wanted to (they went to the other side of the house and didn’t even know when the police showed up – but the cops were very nice to us, so I’m not complaining.) A couple years ago, Ben was one of the organizers of a Rock Music Collective at his school, James Madison Memorial High School on the far west side of Madison. But in addition, he also spent a lot of time working on the grants to get the keyboards, drums, amps, and guitars for the school. That’s right, they’ve got instruments all ready for the students so that anyone can play, which is a far cry from when we were growing up and playing, we had to beg our parents for instruments or work crappy Summer jobs to try and afford some cheap Fender knockoff (remember the Squier series? You’d have been better off playing with a cigar box and some rubber bands.) But the Rock Music Collective is a place where kids can make music together as loud as they want in a safe environment (artistically as well as not in some mildewy 70s basement.) As a band and individuals, we have all put a good deal of time into the Madison Area Music Association, which is a school music education charity and we’re really proud of Ben and the work he’s doing on the front lines!

School Spotlight: Memorial’s Rock Music Collective spawns bands, seeks new home

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