Road Mania 212 – Two Sunspot Covers in One Night! – Local Love Fest and Capricon

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In this latest Road Mania, we give an update from Cherry Pit Studios where we’re putting the finishing touches on our new EP. Then we take a visit to Local Love Fest in Madison, Wisconsin and take a quick listen to Government Zero do an awesome cover of our song, “Summer Day”. In a strange turn of events, Wendy went to Chicago and we have some footage of the great Silent Nightmare doing a cover of our track, “The Slingshot Effect”, at Capricon. Local Love Fest is where Madison, Wisconsin bands cover other Madison, Wisconsin bands’ songs. This year, we were on the CD twice, first with this totally sweet cover of “Summer Day” by Government Zero and second when we cover a song by Wheelhouse, which is a Madison band that used to be called Mighty Short Bus.

We were particularly tickled that both performances that featured our songs happened completely happenstance on the same night (albeit in two different states) so that we got to make one Sunspot Road Mania about it.

We’re also gearing up for our Mardi Grad Bash and EP Release Party on February 28th! It’s going to be a free show but we’re going to get special surprises for all the people that show up so, make sure you RSVP to the party right here.

For a free download of “Summer Day”, click here:

For a free download of “The Slingshot Effect”, click here:

And to get our latest EP free as well, just visit

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