The Sun King – The New EP from Sunspot

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So Sunspot released our latest EP, The Sun King, to the world and we’re extremely proud of it. Anyway, I’ve had some questions as to what the songs are about and I thought I might as well write a little bit about what each track means for any inquiring minds.

“The Sun King” is all about you. Or me. Or whoever’s singing along. Sometimes you need to be the center of attention. Louis XIV said, “I am the state.” as in he was inseparable from France, one could not exist without the other. Whether it’s our families or our jobs or our art, there probably is something you have that is so intrinsically tied to you, that you become it. This happens to actors and artists often, could anyone else ever be Dexter than Michael C. Hall? Could anyone else play Tony Soprano now that James Gandolfini is dead? it happens to world leaders where they become indistinguishable from their policies. Remember when Americans were pretending to be Canadians when they traveled in Europe during the eruption of the Second Gulf War? Or how North Koreans talk about their “Dear Leader”. Or even aging rock stars that still tour with their bands, release new albums, and use the same name, when it’s only one of the guys from the original successful lineup (Black Sabbath, Queensryche, even the Beach Boys are all guilty of this.)

During certain points in your life, you become the totality of something. And it needs to be all about you when that happens. Louis XIV did it so wonderfully and with such great style that it’s the perfect metaphor.

“The Last of the Lucky Ones” is about the circumstances that we’re born into. We’re born in the United States, which means that we don’t have to worry about lack of food or a disease that kills babies because of no clean water. We have to worry about the size of our checking accounts and whether or not we can afford our smartphone plan or cable, and that’s for some of the most disadvantaged among us. Our current economy is predicated on continuing to find cheaper and cheaper labor to build things, then those labor forces start getting more wealth, become middle class themselves, and have to find another group of laborers who will work more cheaply, and the cycle continues on and on.

In the story The Time Machine, in the far future, the Eloi are the end result of human evolution, a lazy, stupid race who lives a life of leisure and comfort. Underneath them live the Morlocks, an ugly laboring society that creates all the comforts for the Eloi that enables them to live so carefree. But the rub is that the Morlocks harvest the Eloi for food and the Eloi are too stupid and lazy to do anything about it.

In all of human history, we have it the easiest and we’ve built it on the backs of those less fortunate. If they ever figured out that because of their vast numbers they could easily take over (the Morlocks harvesting the Eloi), well, we’d be the last of the lucky ones real fast.

The Secret Lives of Ghosts is about how sometimes one thing needs another to be complete. It’s the whole tree falls in the forest scenario, does it make a sound if no one’s there to hear it? A ghost needs a story, it needs a legend. Is a song without a melody a song? The character in the song needs to be seen, needs to be felt to be whole. He’s the question and the person he’s pleading to is the answer. It’s a love song about how one thing completes another. And the “secret” is that ghosts don’t want to scare you, they just want to be recognized.

Any more questions or things that you’d want to hear about? Feel free to send me an email about it, I’m always happy to answer questions that our music might not be answering for you!

You can also download the EP right now for free, right here.

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