Spaceman – Sunspot Covers The Killers

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Here’s a music video cover of our favorite song by The Killers, Spaceman. We also intercut some of our favorite alien abduction movie moments into the video. We’ve always been into aliens and so we figured this track would be a great fit because we’re monster Killers fans and this track is probably the most appropriate of theirs for us to cover. Anyway, check it out and we hope that you really enjoy it. So you’ll recognize a few scenes as well if you’ve seen A Trip To The Moon or Communion (that’s one of Mike’s personal favorites, he read the book as a kid and it’s messed him up since! Plus the movie has Christopher Walken playing Whitley Strieber! C’mon, that’s awesome), Fire In The Sky (is there anything more terrifying than that last twenty minutes of Travis Walton’s encounter?), or one that everyone can agree on, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

We were thinking about adding some X-Files clips in here, maybe “Little Green Men” when Mulder is in Puerto Rico chasing down aliens or “Closure” where we finally find out what happens to Mulder’s sister (that’s the one that had “My Weakness” by Moby featured heavily in the episode, great use of the music.) Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough actual alien footage to really make it into the video. And then we thought about using some footage from Taken, which was a fairly awesome Sci-Fi Channel miniseries a little over a decade ago, but we decided in the end, just to go with the heavy hitters and A Trip To The Moon, because the turn of the 20th century visuals are just so much fun when they’re colorized and it really is an otherworldly look (that Smashing Pumpkins copped for the video for “1979”, a song that had nothing to do with aliens!) Anyway, hope you enjoy the track!

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