Time Lapse of (ALMOST) Sunset in Madison, WI on 9/11/2013

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The sunset was beautiful, and would have been nice to fully capture. However, I met the limits of my calculator’s batteries and, alas, missed the visual peak of the evening. 🙁

I thought it was still worth posting, though, because there’s some pretty cloud movement and interesting shadows and lens flare. Please use your imagination to complete the finale of what was a very colorful setting of the sun.

I reduced the interval between shots to about 15 seconds to see the effect. I really like the smoothness, and don’t mind that it slows the overall video down a bit.

Images were captured between 5:47 and 7:06 PM
327 photos in total

Canon EOS Rebel T5i camera
TI-85 Graphing Calculator
Interval set to 6,000 on the calculator (15 s)

I created the video with Windows Live Movie Maker using a duration of 0.1 s per shot.

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