Time Lapse of Dawn to Midday in Madison, WI on 9/14/2013

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My goal was to catch an entire day, from dawn to dusk. However, things didn’t quite go as planned.
<br />I wanted to start it going before twilight to capture the full transition from dark to light. However, I ran into some setup issues and wasn’t able begin the capture until twilight was already underway.

Also, a small amount of condensation formed on the camera, which caused the images to look hazy a for a short while just after sunrise. It eventually evaporated and the images then cleared up.

I was impressed that it went for almost 9 hours continuously. But, at that point, the camera battery ran out, so I had to stop the show. This ruined my hopes of capturing the entire day, but I wasn’t that upset because things are a little too bright in the early evening and the images tend to get washed out. I started it back up again in time for dusk, which will be its own video.

This is my first time lapse of dawn, and I enjoyed seeing the way light and colors at that time of day, as well as the shadows. Things get a little boring once the sun is up, but I thought it was still kind of fun to watch the cloud movements and the airplane contrails whisking across the sky.

Images were captured between 6:10 AM and 2:45 PM
1,072 photos in total

Canon EOS Rebel T5i camera
TI-85 Graphing Calculator
Interval set to 12,000 on the calculator (30 s)

I created the video with Windows Live Movie Maker using a duration of 0.08 s per shot.

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